Poly Studio

Beautiful image, good sound.
With the automatic people framing and speaker tracking, the person speaking speaks and reinforces what he or she says. Thanks to the quality of the sound and the 4K camera, speech and facial expressions come across clearly so that conversations can be conducted better.

Poly Trio

Perfect device that you can use as a telephone but also for conference calls. You can also connect a headset to it. The Poly Trio is Teams ready.

Logitech Room Solutions

Logitech Rally has pre-configured systems with different set ups for small, medium and large spaces and easy video conferencing startup with Teams.

Meeting room reservation display

  • Accessible from anywhere, anytime (via the plug-in, app or web portal, Outlook, Teams)
  • Quick and easy search and booking via the app, the web portal, the room display or via your personal calendar
  • Reservations are saved automatically in your personal calendar
  • Never again double bookings
  • No more interruptions during a meeting due to direct insight into the status of a room, also by means of LED indication.
  • Prevents searches through the building by Wayfinding. Handy guide to where the rooms are located.
  • Catering & Service solution for the Meeting.
  • Additional Room detection by a sensor.
  • Management tool for total use. (occupancy rate, no shows)
  • Manage the room completely with Room Control.